Blink Named to Forbes Best Small Companies List

Blink UX, a research and design firm specializing in the user experience of digital products, has been named one of Forbes 25 Best Small Companies in America.

“It’s a great honor to represent not only Seattle on the Forbes list but the entire West Coast. We have always worked hard at careful, deliberate growth, making sure we stay true to our values, core services, and UX approach. Along with a commitment to delivering the highest value to our clients, Blink places a strong emphasis on culture, community, and relationships,” said Karen Clark Cole, CEO and Co-Founder of Blink UX. “Recognition from Forbes and the Small Giants Community for running a values-based company makes me extremely proud.”

Kelly Franznick and Karen Clark Cole founded Blink UX in 2000 when User Experience was a new concept. Since then, they have nurtured and grown the business for over 16 years, focusing on delivering extreme value to clients rather than growth for the sake of numbers. Blink UX now has 70 employees and continues to foster a culture and business model that employs top talent in the UX field from around the country. The company’s expertise spans industries including consumer goods and services, healthcare, financial services, sciences, and smart devices.

Forbes stated specific criterion for selecting the businesses on the 25 Best Small Companies List, which include the company being acknowledged as being outstanding in their industry as well as making the decision to focus on being great instead of simply on fast growth. Forbes was also looking for a certain business “mojo.” Bo Burlingham, curator of the 25 Best Small Companies in America list, stated, “When a company has mojo, you want to be connected with it. You want to buy from it, sell to it, work for it.”