Frequently Asked Questions

History and Background

We started Blink UX in 2000 to address the emerging UX niche market need. Many consulting firms were burying their UX practice among marketing and advertising services, but our clients had a real need for strategic user research and human-centered design help. Blink UX was started in 2000 by Karen Clark Cole and Kelly Franznick in beautiful Seattle, WA. We have a high-level overview PDF you can download right now. You know your business and we know UX. As consultants, we work with you, your internal teams, and other partners to help you meet your usability and design goals. Whereas an agency may focus on deliverables, advertising, marketing, and their own vision, we focus on creating great value for you and your customers as we strengthen our working relationship. Our typical clients are those whose businesses hinge on digital products and experiences. These products are often complex, mission critical, and workflow based. They are tools and utilities, not toys. We serve clients in broad industries, including consumer, enterprise software, healthcare, financial services, and travel & leisure. Depth of Experience. Evidence-driven approach. Extreme UX focus. We have a collaborative team of pros dedicated to providing results for our clients. And we have a great portfolio of results. We are service oriented, cooperative, collaborative, and united in finding the best solution to a problem.

Project Details

UX takes into consideration many, if not all, of the factors of creating a product in the service of the end user. UX has been around for eons with brands like The Ritz Carlton and Disney. Look to any highly service-oriented, customer-obsessed organizations as good examples. Now user experience is becoming a business necessity for software and digital products. A standard usability study is 4-5 weeks. User-centered design projects tend to last 12-16 weeks. We want all of our work to be evidence driven. However, in some cases, our clients have brought in their own research that informs our design work as a stand-alone service. You bet. Send us an email with your request and we'll get you set up. All projects are bespoke and all teams are custom designed to best serve the problem you have to solve. We match Blinkers to your project based on experience and interest in your domain, product, and company. Each project is lead by a UX strategy team and is supported by a multi-disciplinary team of designers, researchers, and a dedicated project manager. We aim for lean, focused teams and our team members are fully dedicated to your project, focusing only on one project at a time. Projects are completed 100% by full-time employees. On rare occasion, when deemed necessary by client or skillset, we will bring on outside individuals or companies to help. When this happens this is fully transparent to our clients. Content strategy and information architecture are two of the core services we offer at Blink. Additionally, our team will work with outside resources for development of any additional content you might need. Key team members from the client side are always invited into the process as contributors. In our experience it would be rare for a client to fully embed on our team. Yes. More than 50% of the time our clients have an agile enviro. We tend to work a sprint or cycle ahead and this creates a contiguous design process. We can also design and hand off if needed. We also have development resources in house.  We use our own team in an agile away. Yes. We’ve embodied the cores values of efficiency and leanness in our organization since day one. So we're quick and nimble, but we will take as long as needed to do the best work for you. Yes. All the time. Sure! We design and test physical products that include some form of digital functionality. Absolutely. As part of our evidence-driven approach we use both qualitative and quantitative data to ensure that our designs work. We can implement analytics services or consume existing analytics data to measure the performance of your project. As part of our business, Blink owns Northwest Insights, a research services firm specializing in hosting and recruiting services. Additionally we can reach out to vetted, frequently-used global recruiting partners. We maintain several non-profit driven relationships with trusted recruiting partners around the globe. Sorry, but no. Our focus is on evidence-driven design of products, not the marketing of them. Our in-house team of developers that includes full stack and front end devs. When necessary we rely on a couple of key outside partners for development support. The project management team paves the path to project success. They help define project goals and processes. From there they facilitate clear communication between internal teams and client partners. They assess, communicate, and mitigate any risks or challenges projects may face. With their effectiveness, teams can deliver the best work possible.

Billing, Logistics, & References

A standard usability project runs in the range of $35,000 – $50,000, inclusive of all costs. Field research and generative projects can vary in duration from 6–20 weeks and have budgets from $75,000 and up. User-centered design projects of 12–16 weeks range between $150,000 and $250,000. Not at all, but many of our clients choose to become repeat customers. We aspire to have long-term relationships with our clients. Absolutely. The majority of our clients are based in the U.S. and for many of them we do global work. We’ve conducted work in India, Brazil, China, North America, and most of Europe, to name a few locations. Project documentation is guided by standards but customized to your needs. Deliverables tend to be a combination of Word docs, PPTs, videos, workshops, development-ready files, and graphics. Yes, we can provide references upon request. Yes, we have a few on our website and will happily walk you through an assortment of others in a one-on-one conversation. Yes, we are grateful for every inquiry we receive. In our experience we've learned that the most effective way to see if we are a good fit for your business and project, is to have some sort of human interaction before completing the reply—be it a phone call, in-person meeting, over coffee. We're happy to come to you. Let's have a phone call and possibly a face-to-face meeting to better understand what you're trying to do. If your RFP is ready and you think it would be informing, please email it to [email protected]. Either Anne or Kristina will be in touch. Yes. Please call 206-447-9551 and you'll talk to a member of our client relations team. Better yet, let's answer your questions over a coffee. We look forward to speaking with you!