Expressing a Legacy of
Design Inside and Out

Bang & Olufsen came to us with a desire to create an experience that acknowledged the quality, legacy, and beauty that has defined their brand for decades.


Create an atmosphere with just one touch while bringing the brand to life through the user experience.

Bang & Olufsen is a pioneer in high-end consumer electronics. They have long pushed the boundaries of design, creating iconic audio and video products known for innovative industrial design and superior performance. Customers loved how Bang & Olufsen products looked and heard in their homes.

Bang & Olufsen's creative leadership turned to our team to delight their customers with an iconic and beautiful interface for the Beosound Moment, a wireless music system and in doing so develop a comprehensive design language for all their future software user experiences.

rings and a circle representing a touch point on the interface

We've had firms deliver designs that imitate B&O's brand. But Bill's team crafted a design language that truly expresses our brand in new and powerful ways.”

Marie Kristine Schmidt, Bang & Olufsen
B&O process
B&O process


Unrivaled hardware without the digital experience to match

Through workshops, interviews, and ideation, Blink designers partnered with B&O creatives to distill ninety years of success and innovation into two design objectives: luxurious simplicity and beautiful utility. These principles provided the foundation for new visual, motion, and user experience guidelines and an inspiration to look beyond traditional music interfaces to deliver an experience that was truly exceptional.

B&O process

This team has a natural way of simplifying a complex design problem without losing the benefits of that complexity. They are very good at boiling things down to what really matters.”

Lyle Clarke, Bang & Olufsen
B&O process


Expressing brand through software

The Beosound Moment is a home audio player that integrates the customer's music library and streaming services into one sleek, modern device. For the Beosound Moment's digital experience, we wanted to capture the product's elegant integration into customer's homes and lives. This led to creation of the MoodWheel, an interface that aligns a rich color wheel to emotionally intelligent music selection.

By mapping color ranges from melancholic blue, through passionate red, to energetic yellow, the Beosound Moment's Moodwheel becomes a powerful instrument to empower the user to create the perfect music atmosphere with one touch. The result is both a digital expression of the B&O brand and compelling user experience.

B&O's new wireless music system pulls all your tunes into one awesomely simple interface.”

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