Sarah Miller, Project Manager at Blink.

Sarah Miller

Project Manager

As a project manager, Sarah Miller, is in charge of supporting project teams by removing roadblocks, monitoring and updating schedules, and tracking budgets. She owns the project's start and close processes and supports the research and recruiting teams. Sarah’s clients include Amazon, Capital One, Microsoft, and Starbucks

Sarah joined Blink with a background in administrative support, event planning, and lean workplace organization. She graduated with a B.A. in public relations from Illinois State University before moving to Seattle in 2007. Prior to joining Blink, she worked for six years at Safeco Insurance as both an executive assistant to two vice presidents and as a business analyst.

In her free time, Sarah likes to work on side projects with Pike Place Fish; a company she owns with her husband. She also enjoys going on adventures with her hound dog, cooking and taking vacations to exotic, far-off destinations such as Thailand or Decatur, Illinois.

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