Case Study: Zap

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Improved Conversion Rate by 35%
Designing a consumer real estate application

Zap wants to build a business that’s more than just a website. When they came to Blink their challenge to us was to build a better relationship with customers.

We knew very little about the real estate market in Brazil or Brazilian culture with regard to real estate. Sometimes not knowing the user is an advantage because you don’t have any pre-conceived notions or biases when you start doing research.

After the redesign, conversions per visit increased 35%.
– Alessandro Silva, Desenvolvimento, Produtos & E-Commerce, Zap


Our contextual research revealed that home buyers rely heavily on local knowledge and family members. This greatly informed the design of the personalized notes, tagging and rating features.

With the help of a Brazillian research partner, we developed a map of the customer buying or renting lifecycle. This allowed us to identify areas of opportunity for the UX.


Considering opportunities

Users can favorite homes, then manage them by entering a rating and keep track of their thoughts through notes or tags. Users can access these features while visiting homes through their mobile devices as well.

Prioritize Advanced Features

We gave users a way to filter homes by proximity to work (address), and proximity to public transit. Garage spaces and suites (bedrooms) were other key drivers from our study.

Creating an experience for the whole lifecycle

Zap’s users are in various phases of the home buying/renting process when they visit the site. The site is designed to reveal features and information as the user moves along their journey from home search, to purchase, to getting services for their home.