Case Study: YMCA

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Blink Staff

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A Personalized Digital Experience
Connecting YMCA communities through greater Seattle

The YMCA of Greater Seattle engaged Blink to help increase community engagement and connection online. The objective was to achieve this by modernizing and personalizing the Y’s digital experience, while fully representing the Y’s mission and its 2020 Vision for web presence.

The Challenge

Find the right way to present the breadth of Y offerings.

As one stakeholder said, “Our best strength and greatest weakness are that we do so many different things. How can the platform support all the people we want to reach and maintain coherence?” The new site needed to be both easy for visitors to use and feel as much a part of the community as the branch itself.

The project began by interviewing stakeholders, doing in-branch interviews with users, and conducting a baseline usability study. From this, we learned about the YMCA and its mission, built consensus around business goals, and discovered how the existing site affects the people who use it. We then designed a prototype, conducted testing and made changes to the design based on feedback.Our research revealed that in addition to issues around the ease of use, users were overlooking valuable content on the website. For example, very few users were aware of the Y’s offerings for community involvement, a core part of its mission.

By partnering closely with Farm Credit Mid-America’s development teams and business owners, Blink was able to bring a strong design perspective to the creation of the new origination platform. Integrating user-centered design methods into the organization’s existing agile processes allowed the employees who will use the new system to have a voice, connecting every stakeholder in the project back to the end-user. 

Our website needs to be more than just a brochure on glass. It needs to be our 14th association branch. A digital branch.
– Tom Hull, Chairman of the the Board

The Result

While restructuring the site, we were able to streamline the user’s experience and elevate previously overlooked content, resulting in a better user experience all around.