Case Study: WillowWood - OMEGA®

Written by

Blink Staff


Enable Better Patient Care
Designing the software clinicians use for custom prosthetics

WillowWood designs and manufactures prosthetic and orthotic products for use by clinicians. The sales of its prosthetic design software had reached a plateau because of a complex user interface. WillowWood hired Blink to completely overhaul the user experience of its software with the goal of increased client satisfaction and wider adoption of the product.

Gaining Context

Our design team visited clinicians in the U.S. and Europe and watched their interactions with patients, observing their workflow, and identifying challenges and inefficiencies. We partnered and collaborated with the WillowWood team, combining our insights and design expertise with their domain knowledge to create a world-class, innovative prosthetic design solution.

Blink’s team gave the updated application a fresh new look built around patient-centered workflows. This reduced errors, increased efficiency, and allowed physicians to provide a more personal experience. Through prototype testing, the new design was shown to be:

  • Easier to navigate
  • More efficient
  • More customizable and flexible
  • Easier to learn
I couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome. Thanks to Blink’s team, we all feel that we know how to develop our product efficiently and accurately to what the market demands.
– Jon Shell, Custom Solutions Manager

Marketplace Success

We’re proud that our work on OMEGA helped WillowWood achieve increased sales and reduced support costs, while clinicians were able to provide better and more efficient service to their patients, decreasing the amount of “trial and error” previously experienced.