Case Study: Seattle Sounders

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Qualitative Field Research for MatchPass
Designing a loyalty program that fans love

Sounders FC wanted to give something back to the fans that have made their club so successful. Specifically, they wanted to understand what experiences do Sounders fans crave the most and how can we reward fans with more of what they want?

We put our research teams in motion and conducted close to 30 interviews with Sounders fans both in our labs and at Sounders matches. The results of these interviews allowed us to prioritize incentives and understand the best format for earning and redeeming rewards.

Track Your Progress

Points are obtained by using the MatchPass card at games, when buying merchandise or when participating in fan activities. Points can be monitored through a fan’s MatchPass account so they can see progress and work toward rewards that they desire.

Fans love the simplicity, they love the layout, the look and feel was very Sounders-specific so it’s been very good!
– Taylor Graham, Sounders Manager of Business Operations

This Store Only Accepts Points Sounders

Fans can go shopping and see what types of team gear, player experiences, or game enhancements their points can buy. A bidding system allows for multiple fans to win one-of-a-kind experiences like meeting specific players or being on the sidelines during the game.

Giving Fans a Goal

The MatchPass program is thriving due to frequent communication with fans and an online portal that was designed with their needs in mind. Fans often cite their loyalty to the team comes from feeling a part of it and MatchPass helps deliver that intimacy.