Case Study: Clipper Vacations

Written by

Blink Staff


Increased Sales and Reduced Support Costs
Simplifying the vacation booking process

Clipper Vacations has been in business since 1986 and are well-known travel experts in the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada. They provide transportation, tours, and accommodation packages allowing travelers to experience popular destinations like Seattle, Vancouver, Victoria, San Juan Islands, Portland, the Canadian Rockies, and Vancouver Island.

The Challenge

Our relationship with Clipper Vacations began in 2012 when we conducted an eye-tracking study evaluating the overall user experience when booking travel on the Clipper Vacations website. This first engagement identified many obstacles to booking travel, tours, and accommodations through the site. Clipper then asked us to help them redesign the site, making it easier to use, and to create a mobile responsive experience for the user on-the-go.

We designed and improved every page on the site as well as the booking flow. The booking process was simplified and related options are presented to travelers who may want to add on excursions to make it a trip of a lifetime.

Blink’s expertise in design and user experience is why we wanted to work with them, but it was the care with which they handed off the final deliverable that really stood out. Everything was documented and explained thoroughly, as though ensuring that we were well prepared to take over where Blink left off was just as important as delivering a quality product. 
– Tony Johnson, Sr. Developer


The Result

The site improvements directly resulted in increased sales and reduced support costs. Our work with Clipper Vacations truly created a trusted partnership between our teams, something we always strive for at Blink.