Showcasing hardware products online

Google asked Blink to reinvent the way their customers experience Nexus products online.

Instead of focusing on specs, we built the site around a set of rich, interactive “moments,” which show features in action. For example, to demonstrate the new HDR camera, we let users take photos under backlit conditions using a virtual Nexus phone.

Blinkux casestudy googlenexus 1 2

For diehard Nexus fans, it’s what’s under the hood that matters most. Inspired by “teardowns” that are popular on tech blogs, we created an interactive 3D model that allows these customers to virtually deconstruct the phone component by component.

Google wanted the site to be transactional as well as inspirational. So we streamlined the shopping flows to reduce friction to a minimum and maximize conversion.

Blinkux casestudy googlenexus 2 2

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