Tristan Plank, Principal UX Designer & Partner at Blink.

Tristan Plank

Design Director

Tristan Plank is a design director at Blink. He enjoys diving deep into complex design challenges and understanding the human behavior and psychology that underpins the technology we use everyday. He loves the opportunity to tackle thorny problems from the deep structural elements of information architecture to the detailed execution of prototypes and design specs. His favorite projects are the ones that he can see through from strategy and research to final design documentation - all while making friends of clients along the way.

Tristan holds a master’s degree in human centered design and engineering from the University of Washington and a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Colorado. In his time at Blink, Tristan has worked on digital products and enterprise systems for Starbucks, Microsoft, Amazon, NASA, Intel, and more. Prior to joining Blink, Tristan worked for a human factors and design consulting company on a variety of government, military, and commercial projects which included clients such as DARPA, the United States Army, Office of the Secretary of Defense, Cisco, Alion Science & Technology, and local small businesses.

Outside of Blink, Tristan enjoys hiking, building new Lego creations with his son, sampling new coffee, IPAs, and whiskeys, staying up late, and crying about the Denver Broncos.