User experience reviews

A user experience review is typically a short project that can be extremely valuable as a complement or alternative to a lab study. Instead of directly involving users, these reviews rely on our collective usability sense, our familiarity with web, software, and mobile usability heuristics, and our knowledge of competitive industry practices. Most Blink user experience reviews consist of two complementary parts: a heuristic evaluation and a cognitive walkthrough.

Heuristic Evaluation

A heuristic evaluation is an expert review in which user interface professionals evaluate a product or system against well-established usability guidelines or “heuristics,” identifying and prioritizing areas for improvement. A heuristic evaluation can include all of an application or site or just part of it.

Cognitive Walkthrough

A cognitive walkthrough analyzes the steps required of users to perform tasks with a product or system. User roles are identified, and goal-oriented scenarios and tasks guide the analysis as reviewers role-play the part of users “walking through” the actual or prototyped user interface to complete tasks, identifying any usability obstacles they encounter.