Usability lab facilities

Participant in a study in Blink's usability labWe offer customized, high-tech usability lab facilities in Seattle for in-depth interviews, device and digital product usability testing, competitive testing, out-of-the-box user experience/packaging testing, embedded UI testing, and more.

Either work with our team of professional user researchers and designers on your project, or rent a usability lab for your own use.

Our usability labs are equipped to handle paper-based, on-screen, or hardware device testing. All labs use advanced usability recording and analysis software.

Usability Lab Capabilities

  • Testing from a single workstation and 1:1 interviews.
  • Mobile device testing.
  • Testing from two or more networked PCs.
  • Eye tracking testing.
  • Studies in simulated living room and gaming environments.
  • Focus group testing.

Several camera angles are offered in all labs for the best possible viewing experience for clients and other project stakeholders.

Usability Lab Facilities

Our three Seattle usability labs offer access to state-of-the-art usability technology and a comfortable environment for client teams to observe sessions. Labs are scheduled for client use exclusively, and as a result, the environment and technology requirements can be customized to suit a variety of client needs. Sessions hosted at Blink can be streamed to authenticated observers anywhere on the Internet. Take an online video tour of the labs to see their features: