Making the Most of a Summer Internship Experience Through Collaboration

Karam Yoo

During my UX design internship, I learned that collaborating with my project team, the project client, and fellow Blinkers was the key to a successful project and internship experience.

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How to Make the Most of a Remote Design Internship

Morgan Mapstone

When I accepted a remote internship at Blink this past spring, we were all well into national stay-at-home orders. I began to wonder what working from home every day would be like and how long this style of work might last far beyond my new internship. Now, wrapping up my time at Blink, I realize this experience was the best crash course in preparing for what the modern workplace is to become.

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Introducing Our Pro Bono Project Program

Laura Blanchard

In 2020, we launched our pro bono project program, an eight-week program where our teams collaborate with selected clients to reimagine, design, or develop user-centered products.

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Has Work Changed Forever?

Karen Clark Cole

The world has changed as a result of COVID-19 and social distancing. The new question emerging is not so much "how will we return to work?", but rather "how has work changed forever?"

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Which Soft Skills are Essential for UX Pros?

Amy L. Dickson

Everyone talks about the required hard skills it takes to succeed in the world of user experience. HTML5, a background in ethnographic research, and the ability to create prototypes—these are not trivial skills and are a must for any UX team. But nobody tells you the soft skills required to succeed on that same team. Until now.

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Why UX Teams Need Diversity

Lulu Xiao

The best UX professionals and teams have a diversity of skills in their arsenals that they use to research, design, and communicate effective design decisions.

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