evidence-driven design

How Evidence-driven Design Supports Innovation

Brent Summers

At Blink, we believe every interaction can be made meaningful if designed with a deep understanding of human behavior. The evidence we uncover through research drives our design process.

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What it means to be a design-led company and how to become one

Geoff Harrison

Organizations that embrace evidence-driven design increase profits, retain customers, and align on business goals quicker than their engineering-led counterparts. This article will discuss what it means to be a design-led organization and how you can apply design in any industry.

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How we're finding UX design inspiration in the film industry

Allie Tarantino

As part of our employee "Lunch and Learn" series, we spoke with Hocus Pocus production designer Bill Sandell. Here are some highlights from our conversation and a few ideas for how you can find UX design inspiration in the film industry.

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Blink pro bono program: Designing for social change

Kristina Knaus

Is your organization tackling problems and topics that address society’s most pressing issues? We'd love to hear from you!

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Five Tips for Designing Better Conversational Interfaces

Chris Mueller

From chatbots to intelligent assistants, conversation interfaces are changing the way that people interact with their computers, and designers have a unique opportunity to shape this medium at the ground level. Like all emerging tech, best practices are still being developed, but here at Blink we’ve had the opportunity to design a few of our own and learned a lot along the way.

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Should You Use a Focus Group for Product Design Research?

Siri Mehus, Ph.D.

At Blink UX we perform qualitative research to inform the design of digital products. Focus groups are a familiar form of qualitative consumer research. But while the focus group has a place in our research methods toolkit, we rarely pull it out. Why is that?

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eero Unboxed: Future Meets Reality

Damon van Vessem

As a UX designer, I can’t help but evaluate the user experience of products I interact with. I recently moved into a new house and found myself in need of boosting the WiFi signal, so I purchased the highly reviewed WiFi system called eero.

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Blink loves Mars

Karen Clark Cole

Blink is extremely proud of our friends at NASA, who successfully landed the Perseverance Rover on Mars this week.

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Six Evidence-Driven Best Practices for Game Websites

Brian Essex, Ph.D.

As a user researcher here at Blink UX, I’ve spent some time assessing and testing websites for the game industry. Game websites have a variety of audiences with unique goals, but the most notable ones are these:

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Design Tips For Non-Designers: Using Color

Peter Stern

In an effort to do my part and help increase the world’s number of well-designed presentations, I’m starting a series called “Design Tips For Non-Designers.” These tips aren’t intended to make designers out of non-designers. They are simply to help folks who don’t have design training become better at visual communications

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How Much are People Reading Online?

Trista Meehan

Last week, Jeff Alpen, Blink’s Client Engagement guru, asked me if I could quickly pull together some existing research for one of our clients.

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Creativity, Collaboration & Confidentiality

Karen Clark Cole

So how do we get together and collaborate on ideas when a project is top secret? When only one person at Blink knows what the client is working on, and only a handful of employees at the client’s company even know what it is?

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