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Creativity, Collaboration & Confidentiality

Karen Clark Cole

So how do we get together and collaborate on ideas when a project is top secret? When only one person at Blink knows what the client is working on, and only a handful of employees at the client’s company even know what it is?

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Routers for Humans: A Nutty Concept

Jonathan Evans

Routers are critical for all of us to gain access to the Internet. And let’s face it, we love the Internet. So why do we tolerate such awful UX for something so critical?

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Target These Three Innate Needs to Improve User Engagement

Geoff Harrison

We set design objectives for creating engaging products that will keep a user’s attention, encourage task completion, and be enjoyable to use. However, of those objectives, we find “enjoyable to use” the hardest to design for and measure. This is in large part because humans perceive experiences differently – what one person thinks is clever and clear, someone else may see as complex and opaque.

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Why UberX is Blowing My UX Mind

John Dirks

Which brings me to UberX. I’ve been using this service a lot lately, both for work and personal transportation, and it’s blowing me away from a UX standpoint.

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Client UX: Think About Your Client’s In-Box

Karen Clark Cole

I am always saying “think about it from the client’s perspective.” That’s what I call Client UX.

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Improving the User Experience of Healthcare Provider Websites

Tom Satwicz, Ph.D.

Blink has worked with a variety of healthcare providers over the last several years to understand the users of their websites. The results of this work have been research-based recommendations and design solutions that address many common challenges. Today, we are publishing a whitepaper that summarizes the challenges providers face online, and how a research-based approach to user experience can help meet the needs of their patients and employees.

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Dangers in Changing Users’ Mental Models Around Favoriting

Claire Carlson

Favoriting is evolving. What used to be stars and thumbs up are now hearts and checkmarks. Two specific redesigns caught my attention recently: Spotify and Trulia. Both companies offer what I believe to be a premium user experience, yet they have changed their users’ mental model around favoriting – a move that left me first asking “Why?” and second asking “Was it worth it?”

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How to Use a Modified Card Sorting Technique to Uncover User Insights

Nika Smith

When Blink conducts usability evaluations, we seek to do more than simply identify the pain points of a web site or application. Our goal is to uncover users’ honest impressions and the impact of these impressions on the overall user experience.

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The UX of Car2Go

Tristan Plank

A few of us here at Blink are big fans of Car2Go, the point-to-point carsharing service that operates the iconic blue and white SmartCars in several cities worldwide, including here in Seattle (you can typically find three or four outside our office on any given morning).

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My Quest for Good Experiences

Jeff Alpen

This story is about my ongoing quest to find good experiences and take those experiences and have them shape how I relate to and serve our clients. It begins with the Chinook Book of which I am a big fan and supporter

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Using the Livescribe Smartpen for Research

Heidi Adkisson

Stakeholder interviews, user research, user testing—all are integral to our approach on a Blink design engagement—and all require superior note-taking skills. Enter the Livescribe Smartpen. I’ve found the Smartpen to be an invaluable tool for note taking of all kinds, but particularly for note taking during research.

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The Value and Limitations of Customer-Initiated Feedback

Damon van Vessem

Blink once evaluated an in-flight email application for a client. It had already been in use as a beta and the client was aware of a few wrinkles in the UI. So it came as a shock when not a single participant in the study could figure out how to open an email in the application. All the while, a feedback option had been available.

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