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Nov 6, 2011 | Updated Jul 29, 2022

Winter Speaker Series & Gallery Opening

Thursday, December 1st, 4-8pm Join us in the Seattle Waterfront area for two lively presentations and artist gallery opening. The winter theme of the evening is Live for Today. Stories on how to attain your goals, stay focused and be motivated – with lots of conversations about skiing!

Thursday, December 1st
4:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Join us in the Seattle Waterfront area for two lively presentations and artist gallery opening.

Join us in the Seattle Waterfront area for two lively presentations and artist gallery opening. The winter theme of the evening is Live for Today. Stories on how to attain your goals, stay focused and be motivated – with lots of conversations about skiing!

Appetizers, beer & wine will be served. RSVP link is at the end of the page.


  • 4:00pm Artist Reception: Canadian Painter, Jim Jickling
  • 5:30pm Kim Kircher Presentation & Book signing
  • 6:30pm Greg Hill Presentation

Kim Kircher, Presenter

Crystal Mountain, WA

Author of: The Next Fifteen Minutes: Strength From the Top of the Mountain

THE NEXT FIFTEEN MINUTES (Behler Publications, October 2011) offers a rare glimpse into the strange and fascinating world of a ski area professional, where steep terrain and deep snow, the twin fuels that run the business, teach patrollers how to get through the worst trials just fifteen minutes at a time. Kim seized the EMT training that helped her avoid panic when a fallen skier had to be delicately lifted from a tree to manage the life-and-death situation facing her husband.

Ski patroller, author, traveler, Kim Kircher is still learning how to get through life in small increments. Sometimes just fifteen minutes at a time. She has logged over six hundred hours of explosives control, earning not only her avalanche blaster’s card but also a heli-blaster endorsement, allowing her to fly over the slopes in a helicopter and drop bombs from the open cockpit while uttering the fabulously thrilling words “bombs away” into the mic. An EMT, she has received both a National Ski Patrol Purple Merit Star for saving a life as well as a Green Merit Star for saving a life in arduous conditions.

Before working in the ski industry, she received her BA and teaching certificate from the University of Washington and taught high school English for five years. Her articles have appeared in Women’s Adventure, Couloir Magazine, and Off-Piste Magazine, among others. She is a current member of the Pacific Northwest Writer’s Association and the North American Ski Journalists Association. Kim also writes about her job at Crystal Mountain Ski Area at Kim starred in a reality show about ski patrollers on the cable channel TRU-TV.

Her husband’s family owns and operates ten ski areas in the United States and Canada, including Crystal Mountain, where she has worked for twenty-one years. Kim’s book will be available for sale at the event by The Elliott Bay Book Company. Learn more at Kim’s site:

Greg Hill, Presenter

Revelstoke, B.C. Canada

“2 Mill Hill”. Ski Touring & Mountaineer, Filmmaker

With just two days left in 2010, Revelstoke-based ski mountaineer Greg Hill has completed his quest to climb and ski 2,000,000 vertical feet (609,600 meters) in a calendar year. Hill’s feat was the skiing equivalent of climbing Mount Everest every five days for an entire year. Or ascending the stairs of Toronto’s CN Tower four times per day, every day, for 365 consecutive days. It’s exhausting to even think about.

Greg Hill is a modern day explorer who skis his way into the unknown. He has skied in Alaska, New Zealand, Europe and all over North America but will mostly be found exploring his home range; the Columbia mountains. He lives in Revelstoke and has been pushing the backcountry boundaries ever since he moved there in 2000. With limitless mountains at his disposal Greg is always searching for a new line, or a new peak he has not skied before. In 2003 he traversed the Northern Monashees a 250km, 100,000 foot epic traverse. Energized by being the first to traverse this range, Greg managed to summit 21 peaks over the 21 days of the traverse. Over the years Greg has toured 20,30,40 and finally 50,000 feet in a day. Setting the standard for what can be done in the backcountry, and also earning him a world record in “most vertical climbed and skied in 24 hours.”

In 2004-05 Greg toured a million feet of backcountry skiing over the course of 145 days. In 2006-07 he toured 80 ten thousand foot days, totaling 990,000 feet for the season.

Since then Greg has changed his focus a bit and started to film and document his adventures, instead of selfishly shredding powder he is using his energy to film and capture the essence of what he and his friends get up to. He runs a blog on which he shares his adventures which can be followed on his website:

In the summer of 2008 he compiled his best footage from the winter 2007-08 and created “The Unbearable Lightness of Skiing” which won best short movie in the New Zealand Mountain film festival and also made the Finals in the Banff International Mountain film festival and is also on their World Tour.

“So often the only stories we hear about backcountry skiing in the mainstream media are negative ones that deal with avalanches, rescues, and deaths. I think that by skiing two million vertical feet – much of it solo – I can show that with the proper knowledge and equipment, people can safely enjoy the mountains in the winter. I’m gratified that people from all over the world have posted comments on my blog and that even non-skiers are inspired by my goal setting and achievement.” – Greg Hill

Jim Jickling, Artist

Mill Bay, Canada

Acrylic, oil, watercolor and guache paintings will be on exhibit at the Blink Gallery until March 1, 2012.

Over the past six decades, Canadian artist, Jim Jickling has produced an extraordinary body of work, most of which has focused on his Victoria and Mill Bay home, his favorite sports and European travels. Water color, acrylic and gouache are his most common mediums, mostly abstract expressionism in style with bold color.

Jim started his career as a teacher in a small rural school on Lasquiti Island in 1957. Soon after his marriage in 1959 he and his wife Mary moved to North Vancouver B.C. to teach at a number of schools on the North Shore. In 1970, the new family of 5 moved to Victoria where Jim accepted a position in the faculty of education at the University of Victoria. For 11 years until his retirement in 1988, Jim taught high school art and coached rugby at Cowichan Secondary School. Since his retirement, he has continued to paint at his Mill Bay home on Vancouver Island.

Jim received a BEd from the University of British Columbia in 1963 and an MFA from the Istituto de Allende, Mexico in 1965. Jim has exhibited in Seattle, Victoria, Winnipeg, Vancouver and Whistler. Jim’s paintings have been chosen for the art leasing program in the Gallery of Greater Victoria and the Vancouver Art Gallery. His paintings are held in many private collections.

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Blink, Waterfront Building.
1011 Western Ave. Suite 810
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