Treehouse and Blink: Fostering the Spirit of Giving

Thanksgiving is an ideal time to give back to our community. This year Blink employees selected Treehouse as our charity of choice. Treehouse is a Seattle-based nonprofit striving to create opportunities and support systems for foster children, enabling them to pursue their dreams. Treehouse impacts thousands of children each year through a number of different avenues. They supply clothes, toys, and school supplies at their Wearhouse, a free store where youths can shop for new/like new items. Little Wishes gives children the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities or gain access to other community resources such as tutoring. Lastly, Treehouse offers advocates and education specialists to each child to make sure they have the same opportunities as their peers to graduate high school and attend college.

Over a two-month period I watched as the staff-donated goodies piled up at our office. When the day came to deliver them we loaded it all into a Blinker’s SUV and headed out. At Treehouse enthusiastic staff helped unload the donations and offered us a tour. It was then that I truly felt like our donations would make a significant difference in real children’s lives: The Wearhouse was full of families shopping. I found it emotionally difficult during the tour, knowing all the children I saw had experienced some sort of parenting crisis, but it was incredibly uplifting to see them at Treehouse. This is a place that offers them confidence and hope. I am proud Blink supported this cause.

Organizing charitable opportunities like this in our office gives us a powerful way to give back to our communities and creates a sense of involvement. Every day, Blinkers talked about who we were helping and how. In addition, the field trip to Treehouse was both educational and inspirational. Only then could I see firsthand where our donations went and whom they helped. I would encourage all businesses, big or small, to find a cause they are passionate about and really get involved with an organization.

Treehouse Logo

Kristina is the Research Host at Blink UX. In her off time she can be found with her nose in a book, volunteering at the Seattle Animal Shelter, or sampling PNW microbrews.