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Jan 22, 2019 | Updated May 18, 2021

Q&A with ConveyUX Program Director Joe Welinske

Ahead of our annual ConveyUX conference for user experience professionals, we chatted with Joe Welinske.

ConveyUX 2019 will be held at Bell Harbor Conference Center on the Seattle waterfront

March 11-13, 2019

Ahead of our annual ConveyUX conference for user experience professionals, we chatted with Joe Welinske. In addition to being an instructor at the University of Washington and the accessibility director for Blink, Joe has also been the ConveyUX program manager since its inception. Learn more about Joe.

Q: What is ConveyUX?

Joe Welinske: ConveyUX is a gathering of professionals involved with research, design, development, and strategy of digital products and services. The ConveyUX events are produced by Blink as a way to showcase the great work being done in the user experience community and provide educational and networking opportunities for our community.

Q: When did ConveyUX start?

Joe Welinske: ConveyUX started in Seattle in 2013 and continues to be an annual gathering. The 2018 event drew 430 participants from 25 US states and 12 other countries. The Seattle event for 2019 features three days of activity with 40 speakers and 50 sessions.

In addition, ConveyUX is branching out to Boston in August 2019 with a series of topics directed at the intersection of product development and user experience.

Q: Who should attend ConveyUX?

Joe Welinske: ConveyUX offers several interest areas, including research, design, strategy, the enterprise, development, and technology. The event is attended by a wide variety of practitioners from the user experience and product design professions. ConveyUX offers great educational sessions and networking in vibrant locations.

Q: What sessions are you most excited for this year?

Joe Welinske: ConveyUX is designed to represent the diversity of topics and people involved in our profession. Featured speakers include Jaime Levy, Indi Young, Dan Klyn, and John Whelan. But ConveyUX also prides itself in offering a large selection of real-world case studies.

Q: What should out-of-town attendees be sure not to miss?

Joe Welinske: ConveyUX 2019 is right on the Seattle waterfront. It is a great place to relax and take in the natural beauty of Elliott Bay. The walking and biking path takes you along the shoreline and through the outdoor sculpture park. It is a quick jaunt to Pike Place Market and all the rest that downtown Seattle has to offer.

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