Digital Banking Trends and Challenges

Kelly Franznick

Banks are bottom-line driven, so if you work in the banking or finance industry, you'll want to be aware of what the top digital banking transformation trends are, how to develop a mobile banking app, and what the future of the banking industry looks like.

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A UX Journey Through Airline Apps

Ankitha Bharadwaj

I decided to look at some of the big names in airlines to better understand how well they support users trying to book a flight through their mobile apps (full disclosure, Blink has done work for both Alaska Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines).

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Sirius XM's Business Radio Interview

Karen Clark Cole

Karen talks with Loren about designing complex systems through Evidence-driven Design, examples of how voice is changing healthcare for seniors and people with disabilities, and how voice can make it safer for truckers.

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Walk with Your Head Up: Podcast Series Interview With Karen Clark Cole

Karen Clark Cole

On August 7, 2019, our CEO and co-founder Karen Clark Cole was interviewed by Patricia Kathleen on her podcast.

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