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Blink Celebrates Launch of 21 Hats Podcast Live Recording

Karen Clark Cole, Blink’s CEO and co-founder, will be a regular commentator on the new podcast from Loren Feldman, former editor at Forbes.

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SBA Appoints Blink CEO To Federal Regulatory Fairness Board

SBA Administrator Jovita Carranza has appointed three small-business leaders from Washington state, including Blink’s Karen Clark Cole, to the U.S. Small Business Administration Federal Regulatory Fairness Board, representing Region 10.

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How UX Can Help IoT Products, Part 1: Strategy

Brian O'Shea

Smart homes. IoT. Connected devices. VR. What happens when buzzy, emerging technologies begin to infiltrate the everyday?

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Seven questions to ask when selecting a UX consulting firm

Roxane Neal

If your project needs the skills and expertise of a user experience (UX) consulting firm, you may not know where to start.

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How UX Can Help IoT Products, Part 2

Brian O'Shea

In this follow-up we’ll be diving deeper into some of the specifics of what makes a great user experience for IoT products, focusing on the critical areas of onboarding, support, and security.

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On the Fringe of UX

Jonathan Evans

A friend of mine recently called me up and asked if she should go to ConveyUX. She’s a Project Manager, but she does just enough user experience (UX) work to be dangerous. She feels she should hone her UX sword rather than chopping with it like a machete.

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Digital Banking Trends and Challenges

Kelly Franznick

Banks are bottom-line driven, so if you work in the banking or finance industry, you'll want to be aware of what the top digital banking transformation trends are, how to develop a mobile banking app, and what the future of the banking industry looks like.

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Rolling out the Radical Redesign

Heidi Adkisson

For years I’d heard references to the Winchester House—a mansion built over many years by an eccentric heiress without any master build plan. It is well-known for its oddities such as as doors and stairs that go nowhere and windows overlooking other rooms. A couple of years ago on a Blink project I wound up staying less than a mile away from the famed mansion. Of course I had to go!

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Blink UX honored at fifth annual San Francisco Design Week

The SFDW Design Awards is an international design competition recognizing designers whose works contribute to a positive societal future.

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Our 8 Recommendations for Building a UX Research Program

Katie Greiner

Katie Greiner, UX Researcher at Blink makes recommendations on how to create a solid research practice within a new company.

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Why Your UX Team Needs a Project Manager

Serena Down

Project management allows UX researchers, designers, and strategists to focus on the right problem at the right time, without losing sight of the bigger picture.

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Three Tips for Agile UX Research

Irene Barber

Here are three tips to embrace the constraints and keep UX research as a fundamental part of Agile.

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