Workplace culture: How an evidence-based, data-driven approach produces thriving resu...

Linda Wagener, Ph.D.

A positive company culture requires the same careful curation, management, and rigor as any other aspect of a business. At Blink, we consciously design our culture to ensure that employees have the structure and guidance they need to fully develop their skills and abilities for a happy and rewarding career.

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The UX of Stitch Fix: A Perfect Fit

Ankitha Bharadwaj

Stitch Fix is a personal shopping service for women that has been gaining popularity lately. I couldn’t help but compare my Stitch Fix experience to other services that also attempt to serve me recommended content – i.e., Netflix, Spotify, Amazon.

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Photo Tour of Our UX Design Studio and User Research Labs in San Diego

Brent Summers

We recently finished construction of two usability labs in San Diego. Take a photo tour of our studio which is located in the heart of East Village just a few blocks from PETCO Park.

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Five Tips for Designing Better Conversational Interfaces

Chris Mueller

From chatbots to intelligent assistants, conversation interfaces are changing the way that people interact with their computers, and designers have a unique opportunity to shape this medium at the ground level. Like all emerging tech, best practices are still being developed, but here at Blink we’ve had the opportunity to design a few of our own and learned a lot along the way.

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Comparing Apples & Peaches: Why Great UX Is Essential For Success

Tom Satwicz, Ph.D.

UX and operations cannot succeed without each other. The right operation gives rise to great UX, yet a great UX is necessary to build a business operation that is profitable, sustainable, and growing.

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Trade-Offs In Moderated & Unmoderated Usability Testing

Siri Mehus, Ph.D.

At Blink we practice evidence-driven design. That means that the design recommendations and decisions we make are grounded in solid data and sound reasoning. But what counts as good evidence? What are the data and reasoning that stand behind a well-motivated design decision?

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How to Improve Creativity and Performance by Optimizing Your Brain

Linda Wagener, Ph.D.

The human brain is not wired to have an "on" and "off" switch for work and play—and operating as if it were will deplete one’s energy and creativity.

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How we're finding UX design inspiration in the film industry

Allie Tarantino

As part of our employee "Lunch and Learn" series, we spoke with Hocus Pocus production designer Bill Sandell. Here are some highlights from our conversation and a few ideas for how you can find UX design inspiration in the film industry.

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Q & A: Virtual reality user research

Brian Essex, Ph.D.

When I attended the 2015 SeaVR conference in Bellevue, Washington, I had a lot of great conversations with the virtual reality (VR) community about the importance of using hardware and software design to optimize the virtual reality user experience. During our interactions, I noticed that many in the community shared some of the same UX questions. I answer those questions in this post.

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Workplace Culture: Understanding the Positivity Ratio

Linda Wagener, Ph.D.

Do you feel silly, amused, or fun-loving? That’s a positive emotion. Do you feel guilty, repentant, or blameworthy? That’s a negative emotion. Both positive and negative emotions change the way that our brain operates. Negative emotions narrow our perspective to focus on threats. Positive emotions broaden our field of vision.

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How to Make the Most of a Remote Design Internship

Morgan Mapstone

When I accepted a remote internship at Blink this past spring, we were all well into national stay-at-home orders. I began to wonder what working from home every day would be like and how long this style of work might last far beyond my new internship. Now, wrapping up my time at Blink, I realize this experience was the best crash course in preparing for what the modern workplace is to become.

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Blink UX honored at fifth annual San Francisco Design Week

The SFDW Design Awards is an international design competition recognizing designers whose works contribute to a positive societal future.

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