Northwest Insights Is Now Insight Space

With state-of-the-art facilities in Seattle and San Diego, and other locations on the horizon, the qualitative research firm has a new name and a new look.

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Redshift Digital Joins Blink for a Golden Gate Future

Karen Clark Cole

It is with great anticipation and excitement that I announce that the well-known, high-end, wildly creative, and super fun San Francisco UX studio, Redshift is joining forces with Blink!

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The Benefits of Recreating Physical Products and Spaces in the Lab

Darshana Tuladhar

We often perform tests on digital devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and computers. However, there are times when we need to observe user behavior that extends beyond a screen – and this always excites us!

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BlinkUX Works On Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center’s Program

BlinkUX, a research and design firm specializing in the user experience of digital products, is proud to announce its involvement in the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research.

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A Recipe for Effective User Interviews

Blink Staff

The ingredients are simple: two people, a quiet place to sit and talk, and a video camera to record the session. Still, getting the most out of an interview requires careful planning and a thoughtful technique. Here I share some insights that guide my own approach to interviewing.

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Tips for Success in Complex Field Research Projects

John Dirks

We user researchers often find ourselves in unusual places doing unusual things: in homes watching strangers set up media equipment, in passenger seats noting how drivers use in-car technology, in manufacturing settings observing CAD/CAM fabrication, in hospitals interviewing medical staff, just to name a few.

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Real-World User-Centered Design

Heidi Adkisson

A couple of months ago, I was part of a panel discussion on “Real-World User-Centered Design.” The topic was the outgrowth of questions from a more introductory forum on user-centered design (UCD) principles. After the introductory forum there were still many burning questions—specifically, how do you adopt and adapt UCD principles to real-world organizational constraints?

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6 Tips for Improving Your Website Accessibility

Damon van Vessem

The benefits of the web are not evenly distributed. It promises easy access to content and tools for everyone, but frequently fails to include the needs of people with impairments, whether permanent (over 57 million people in the US alone) or temporary (all of us at one point or another).

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Blink UX Moves to the Waterfront Building

Blink signed a ten year lease on February 15th to take over the entire 6th floor of the Waterfront Building, located on Western Avenue near the Bainbridge Ferry terminal.

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9 Tips for Attending a Professional Conference from Home

Laura Barboza

Blink is thrilled to host ConveyUX digitally this November 12–13. Charge up your laptop, get yourself out of those pajamas, and pour a hot drink. Get ready for a digital experience with these pro tips from Principal UX Researcher Laura Barboza.

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Workplace culture: How an evidence-based, data-driven approach produces thriving resu...

Linda Wagener, Ph.D.

A positive company culture requires the same careful curation, management, and rigor as any other aspect of a business. At Blink, we consciously design our culture to ensure that employees have the structure and guidance they need to fully develop their skills and abilities for a happy and rewarding career.

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Blink Thought Leadership Featured at ConveyUX

Maria Szmagalski

Join thought leaders from Blink and beyond for two full days of great speakers and engaging networking events.

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