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Jan 14, 2015 | Updated Apr 30, 2021

Last Week Was Awesome

Last week was awesome and here’s why: I was inspired and educated by my team every single day last week.

Last week was awesome and here’s why: I was inspired and educated by my team every single day last week.

It started in Denver on Tuesday with a client in the healthcare business, and my colleagues Claire and Katherine. We were presenting at an “advisory board” review meeting with ~ 20 people in two different locations. From the outside, it had plenty of potential to go off the rails…and was quite the opposite. Katherine orchestrated the meeting with our client and set up the conditions for success while Claire delivered ideas with impact. My big learning (+ inspirational moment) was watching and listening to Claire take constructive feedback. She sat, listened, and truly absorbed the information with grace. I thought to myself: “I hope to get there one day.”

Next, I worked with Jessica, Brian, Jill, and Jake to kick-off a significant body of design research with a Fortune 50 client creating a new mobile product. The Blink team had little exposure to the project over the holiday break when Jessica and I were working on it. It’s a very “open” project, taking place in three cities over a short period of time AND then quickly moving into a second wave of work with a large sample. The team jumped in, were open, agile, and intent on finding positive possibilities.

Finally, on Thursday we were in Portland with a large healthcare organization. Katherine, Laura, and I met early at the 65th St. Park & Ride, and drove to Portland, which was the first bit of magic. It was a privilege to spend six hours of alone time with the two of them – no distractions – just connection – covering everything from babies and kids to work and recreation. G-love (Geoff) and I did this same trip a few months back for another Oregon-based client and it was the same kind of experience. If you have the chance, I strongly endorse road-trippin’ with your colleagues.

Oh, and the meeting? Laura and Katherine blew them away in the workshop and truly brought together and united what could have been two oppositional groups of professionals – including a high-risk OB physician.

Does it get any better than having a 35-week pregnant woman at the front of the room, in tandem with her colleague – also a mama – and working on a product aimed at mamas – both expectant and post-birth? Nope.

It was a good week that ended with an exploratory call with one of the world’s largest law firms. I’d call that AWESOME.

Jeff is Canadian, a father of two, a swimmer, a biker, a kombucha drinker, a lover of the outdoors, always striving to “be here now,” and likely the first person you will meet at Blink.