Hugging Your Clients is Good for Business

Written by

Karen Clark Cole

When you sign a new client and the company is called Cultural Care, you expect it is going to be a nice client to work with. Culture and Care are two words usually associated with good things. So when we began working with the Boston-based company earlier this year it was such a great reward to find out that my feeling was right.

After a series of stakeholder interviews with many people in the company, ranging from call center support to the president, everyone had their own unique and glowing story about why they loved working for this company. Their co-workers, their customers, and the organization as a whole were all rewarding in some way.

As the leader of Blink, what I want most for my employees is happiness. I want them to love their jobs every day. In order for this to happen we need to have great clients. So when we come across companies like Cultural Care, I get excited. I think to myself, Tom is going to love this project, and therefore his job. His excitement will spread to Laura sitting beside him and eventually the whole company will benefit from us working with this company.

After those initial stakeholder interviews, I chatted with the Executive Vice President about the amazing culture they have created at Cultural Care and how she should be really proud. Tears welled in her eyes as she talked about how it was true. She loves it. When we get together for in-person meetings, hugs are how we say hello and goodbye, and dinner conversations bend towards family, friends, and vacations.

Sean McGonagle prepares to throw a fish at Pike Place Market

We love to take our out-of-town clients to the ultimate Seattle experience: Throwing fish at the Pike Place Market. Here, Cultural Care’s Vice President of Business Solutions, Sean McGonagle, learns the ropes and then tries his luck at catching an Alaskan King Salmon.

This is what I mean when I say it’s not work/life balance, it’s all life and you need to be balanced. And, if you are passionate about all areas of your life, they can live harmoniously and be beautifully blurred.