BlinkThink: Gallery & Speaker Series Returns!

Thursday, October 29th, 5:30-8pm

Join us at Blink UX in the Seattle Waterfront area for two lively presentations and an artist’s reception. We’ll feature the art of Alex Hulphers and presentations from Dr. Jennifer Adair and Dr. Matthias Stephan from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

This event is free and open to the public. Wine, beer, and light refreshments will be served. RSVP today!


  • 5:30pm Artist Reception and Refreshments
  • 6:30pm Introduction and overview of the artwork by Alex Hulphers
  • 6:40pm Dr. Matthias Stephan, Fred Hutchinson
  • 7:00pm Dr. Jen Adair, Fred Hutchinson
  • 7:20pm Mingling until 8:00pm

Alex Hulphers: Artist

Born in 1988 in Santa Cruz, California, Alex Hulphers grew up on a ranch in rural Eastern Washington. Spending summers fighting wildfire, he continues to paint in a small studio in Seattle. First painting at age eight, Hulphers’ early work mimicked the colors and curves of his natural environment. Later, his father’s architectural sketches and blueprints shaped early versions of his current work.

Today, his self-taught painting style translates a textural plane of the urban landscape in a blend of careful structuring and tended spontaneity. Painting with acrylic on canvas, his work shows proportion and balance while allowing accidents to play a serendipitous role within the field of structure and movement. Hulphers continues to work, adapting new ways to translate urban nostalgia and architectural reflexes into meaningful, relevant work.

To learn more about Alex and his art, please visit his website.

Plastic fantastic! Biopolymers efficiently boost T cell therapy
Matthias Stephan, M.D., Ph.D., Fred Hutch
Matthias Stephan, MD, PhD

Dr. Stephan brings together materials engineering with immune-based therapies for cancer as he plumbs the next generation of immunotherapy. His nano- and bio-engineering approaches involve using “smart” synthetic materials that would create a one-time, low-impact way to cure a patient’s cancer once and for all, first for breast cancers, and then eventually, the hope is, for other common tumors.


  • Assistant Member, Clinical Research Division
  • Assistant Professor, University of Washington School of Medicine


  • Medical University of Luebeck, Germany;
  • MD Imperial College, London, United Kingdom;
  • Clinical fellowship Cornell University, New York, New York; PhD
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, Massachusetts; Postdoctoral training

To learn more about Dr. Stephan, please visit his profile on the Fred Hutch website.

Gene Therapy: Developing new treatments for brain tumors and HIV
Jennifer E. Adair, Ph.D.
Jennifer E. Adair, PhD

Dr. Adair is leading cutting edge research that uses the insights of stem cell transplantation to enhance treatment for glioblastoma, the most common brain cancer in adults, which is usually fatal within 1-2 years. Initial clinical trials have been very promising, with one patient still alive and cancer-free seven years from treatment. This same work is also in clinical trials as a potential cure for HIV, and will soon be in trials as a potential way to correct genetic blood disorders like the boy-in-the-bubble disease.


  • Assistant Member, Clinical Research Division
  • Assistant Professor, University of Washington School of Medicine


  • Ph.D. Genetics and Cell Biology
  • Washington State University, Pullman, WA
  • B.S. Chemistry
  • Youngstown State University, Youngstown, Ohio

To learn more about Dr. Adair, please visit her profile on the Fred Hutch website.

Event Details

The event is open to the public and free of charge. For updates, photos, and event info, find us at #BlinkThink

Location: Blink UX, Waterfront Building. 1011 Western Ave. Suite 810, Seattle, WA 98104

Questions? Contact Kristina at [email protected]