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Oct 23, 2020 | Updated Jun 8, 2022

Blink Thought Leadership Featured at ConveyUX

Join thought leaders from Blink and beyond for two full days of great speakers and engaging networking events.

After eight years of in-person conferences, ConveyUX is making its all-digital debut this November. Join thought leaders from Blink and beyond for two full days of great speakers and engaging networking events. We are excited to explore collaboration and alignment with industry experts, share some of our best practices, and engage with our community.

Collaboration across teams is essential for success in product and UX design. Our November event is about aligning divergent contributors, teams, and organizations in order to build more cohesive product and UX teams through collaboration and alignment. The conference features a dozen experts and over 20 sessions, with zero add-on charges. This event is 100% digital, with all programming online, so you can attend safely from wherever you are.

ConveyUX is Thursday, November 12 and Friday, November 13. Check out this list of Blink conference sessions:

Six Cardinal Rules of Designing for the Enterprise

November 12, 2:45-3:30 pm
Heidi Adkisson - Partner and Principal UX Designer, Blink

Enterprise applications present unique design challenges; systems tend to be complicated and support highly specialized activities. Users are usually “captive,” meaning they have no choice but to use the system. Poor enterprise system design can significantly impact both business goals and employee satisfaction. In this session, Heidi will present six cardinal rules of design for the enterprise gleaned from over 20 years of front-line experience. Drawing on real-world examples, learn the key pitfalls of enterprise system design and how the “cardinal rules” can help you avoid them.

Heidi Adkisson is a Blink partner and principal UX designer. She has led complex projects since Blink’s inception. She has delivered strategy and design for hundreds of clients including GE, Garden City Group, NASA, Moen, and Providence. Heidi has over 20 years of software development experience working with large-scale system implementations. Her experience includes requirements analysis, interactive design, and working with established companies such as AT&T Wireless and Microsoft.

Growing and Managing Diverse Design Teams

November 13, 2:45-3:30 pm
Scott Lambridis - Partner and Head of Design, Blink

As teams grow, design managers need a clear and consistent rubric for defining what’s expected of each team member. They need to know how they can grow a broad range of skills, and how to advance their career in a way that is fair and equitable, while also celebrating the individual. In this talk, Scott will share strategies for growing design teams in an evidence-driven and equitable way.

Scott Lambridis is a partner and head of design at Blink. He helps ensure a high standard of excellence in all UX work in the San Francisco studio, manages and mentors a small team of designers, and guides design strategy on key accounts. Prior to Blink, Scott built a UX team and practice at Eveo, where he helped design dozens of applications for doctors, patients, and healthcare reps. Scott has extensive experience applying design thinking to healthcare including work with Kaiser Permanente, Humana, Genentech, and many more.

Conducting UX Research for Voice Technologies

November 12, 10:30-11:15 am
Siri Mehus - Research Director

As voice becomes a common mode of human-machine interaction, UX professionals are increasingly involved in designing and evaluating these experiences. We are seeing the emergence and formalization of practices and principles for VUI design; however, there are still few guidelines formulated for voice UX research. While many of our general UX heuristics and principles continue to apply, particular characteristics of the voice modality can lead to different types of usability challenges and require modifications to standard testing methodologies. In this talk, Siri will explore the principles of spoken interaction and how they affect standards for UX research.

Siri Mehus has been conducting research on human behavior in one form or another for more than two decades. At Blink, she has conducted and led foundational and evaluative research projects for clients such as NASA, Amazon, Microsoft, and Sonos. She has a particular interest in conversational and multimodal interfaces and a passion for making them more intuitive by following principles of natural human interaction.

From Film to VR: Directing Viewer’s Attention in New Immersive Media

November 13, 10:30 am - 11:15 am
Quba Michalski - Director of Innovation

Virtual and Augmented Reality introduced a dramatic shift in the way we can interface with devices. Many of the well-established rules governing user interaction went out of the proverbial window. We now need to reinvent the ways we plan and build user experiences in these exciting new mediums.

Different Thinking Styles Along the Same Journey

November 13, 10:30 am -11:15 am
Lad Decker - Research Director

Even though there’s one critical path journey, different thinking styles affect people’s motivations, decisions and actions. Once you’ve uncovered the overall user journey, identifying the key thinking styles allow teams to pose challenging questions from different perspectives.

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