100 Happy Days at Blink

Can you be happy for 100 days in a row? That is the question asked by the founders of the 100HappyDays Foundation in their quest to make the world a happier place. The goal is simple: post a picture of something that makes you happy for 100 days in a row. It can be anything! According to the foundation, “while the speed of life increases, there is less and less time to enjoy the moment that you are in. The ability to appreciate the moment, the environment and yourself in it is the base for the bridge towards long term happiness of any human being.”

100 Happy Days
100 Happy Days

We decided this project would be a fun challenge to start at Blink. Ten Blinkers participated and every one who committed to the project made it to the end. We posted our photos to Yammer, an internal, private social network that employees use, which made it easy to see all the photos taken and keep each other inspired.

Below are some of our thoughts and pictures from this happy project.

100 Happy Days
Happy photos by Laura Blanchard, Jonathan Evans, & Claire Carlson

Claire: Always being on the lookout for happy moments to photograph made me more thankful for all that I have.

Sarah: Having to a take a picture every day for 100 days not only made me stop and really appreciate the little things in life, but it also really helped me be a more creative person. I started trying to make my daily pictures unique and interesting. The creativity I was able to practice with this project caused unexpected happiness.

Kristina: I consider myself a fairly positive and cheerful person, so it surprised me how much this project impacted me. I realized I took a lot for granted and did not think about what I was grateful for from day to day. Very simple things like the sun coming out on a day in March or an exceptionally tasty wine would have never made me stop, take a moment, and notice how it made me feel. 100 Happy Days helped me do this and I can say that after a few months have gone by since completing the project I still have moments when I stop, take a moment, and notice things that make me feel happy. Big or small there is a lot we can all be grateful for and I think everyone can agree the world can’t be too full of happy, grateful, optimistic humans!

Amy: The 100 Happy Days Project gave me the time and excuse to look for the beauty in everything, or the good in the seemingly unimportant. I used the time to visually count my blessings — something I truly needed to do this year. It drew me closer to my co-workers, learning what makes them happy. It opened doors of thought and ways of seeing. I felt more grateful and gracious.

100 Happy Days pt. 2
Happy photos by Sarah Miller, Amy Dickson, Deborah Gassner, & Kristina Knaus

Jonathan: 100 happy days is a great way of seeing what makes other people happy, especially among coworkers whom you don’t know as well as family or friends. It also gets you to stop and think about what makes you happy every day. It’s just a nice, insightful project.

Laura: I loved the project because we got to see into the real lives of our co-workers and also got to share some of us with them (toward the end I petered out a bit on my enthusiasm….which I thought was interesting too!)

Deborah: A picture I took of my kids in cut-offs is one of my favorites. It was a sunny weekend morning in July and my kids grabbed scissors and turned their too-short jeans into cut-off shorts. The photo celebrates their resourcefulness and spontaneity (and a connection to the past as I did the same thing as a kid), and has the added plus of revealing a pop of the vivid green that we painted our back steps in the fall. There was a surprise bonus that I would not have anticipated. I transitioned from being a contractor to FTE at Blink during the 100 Happy Days and it was a window into my co-workers’ lives that I would have not otherwise had. No amount of lunchroom chats could have illustrated the fullness of everyone’s passions and interests as Happy Days did and I appreciated the chance to “get to know them” in this way.

To see all of our Happy Day photos, check out our Facebook album.

Sarah Miller leads employee development at Blink UX. When she’s not at work, you can typically find her vacationing at an exotic location such as Thailand or Illinois.