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Jessica Webb Project Manager

I am a member of the project management team at Blink UX specializing in advocating for gamers. When not shepherding projects I can be found indulging my passion for exploring digital universes.


screenshot of a Bulbosaur in the Pokemon GO app

Understanding the Pokémon GO phenomenon: Part 1

As you surely have heard by now, the smartphone-using world has been taken over by a certain addictive game based on a certain popular Nintendo franchise. Fellow Blinker Darshana and I are no exceptions. We chatted about our mutual love of Pokémon GO over lunch one day and discovered a very curious difference between us.… Read more

A Day in the Life of PAX: One User’s Diary Study

PAX is one of the most exhilarating things I do each year. PAX lasts only four days, but the thrill permeates throughout the whole year. For those who don’t cosplay, the excitement begins with the attempt to purchase tickets. (For those who DO cosplay, the excitement begins months or years in advance as they choose… Read more