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Darshana Tuladhar User Researcher


Go Full-Scale: The Benefits of Recreating Physical Products and Spaces in the Lab

How do you know when to build out a full-scale prototype for testing? We know the most common reasons for this tactic are cost, logistics, and testing conceptual products. Read more

Tips & Tricks for Field Research: Intercept Studies

A great way to test out prototypes and concepts is going directly to the source. One of the many ways that we achieve this at Blink is by conducting in-field intercept studies, which is a quick way to gather information from core users. You may wonder what situations are best suited for intercepts and how… Read more

#littlefoot episode 2: Liam and Littlefoot

I used this initial meeting between Liam and Littlefoot as an opportunity to collect data and observe interactions. Liam already had some knowledge about Littlefoot from his mom. She had already set a premise of what Littlefoot was and what he could do. In the limited time that Liam spent with Littlefoot there were multiple, interesting interactions that occurred. Read more

Understanding the Pokémon GO phenomenon: Part 2

[This is the second part of a two-part post covering Pokémon GO. Part one can be read here.] The concept of augmented reality (AR) has been buzzing around for a while. However, there had yet to be a tangible, real world application of AR for the masses until recently. Enter Pokémon GO. The game has rapidly… Read more

PLEOrb robot dinosaur still in the box

#littlefoot episode 1: Inspiration and Research

It was a sleepy Friday afternoon at work and I was at my desk fighting a severe case of weekenditis* when I got the e-mail notification. “You have a delivery waiting for you in the lobby.” I immediately knew what it was, jumped out of my chair with glee and excitedly shouted, “it’s here!” Jake, my deskmate,… Read more

translucent brain showing the wiring and connections inside

Investigating ASMR in “the Wilds”

What if I told you that there are people who are able to feel a sensation without any sort of tactile input? Specifically, there are people who feel tingles by just watching videos or hearing sounds. In fact, there is a whole community dedicated to this phenomenon, which is known as Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response… Read more

Blink’s Response to Nepal Earthquakes

It happened again—my phone started buzzing, nudging me out of slumber. In a sleepy haze I looked down and read, “Another 7.4 Earthquake hit Nepal.” I was awake. I Googled “Nepal earthquake” for confirmation and there it was: USGS reported that a 7.4 magnitude earthquake occurred in Nepal, 50 kilometers outside of Kathmandu. I did the… Read more