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Damon van Vessem Principal UX Designer

I work in interaction design at Blink UX and have a passion for understanding users, making the complex simple, and doing the right thing. I’ve recently started combining my love of traveling with that of rock climbing.


Adventures in Accessibility: What We Learned from Fixing Our Own Website

As advocates of inclusive and accessible design we knew needed some improvements. Here are the six key takeaways from our journey to uncover and remove our website's accessibility barriers. Read more

Whiteboarding to design the voice ux for an Amazon Echo Alexa skill

5 Design Tools for Voice UX

The number of products with a voice component grows daily – just look at the recent announcements of Google Home, the Amazon Echo Dot, and Samsung’s acquisition of Viv. Yet it’s hard to find examples of design tools and artifacts in the voice UX space. Why We Need Voice Design Tools Great user experiences don’t… Read more

photo of the eero wifi system being unboxed. Two white pods in a black box

eero unboxed: future meets reality

As a UX designer, I can’t help but evaluate the user experience of products I interact with. I recently moved into a new house and found myself in need of boosting the WiFi signal, so I purchased the highly reviewed WiFi system called eero. Unlike most other products in this space, the eero has pleasing, minimalist… Read more

Design Is A Job: Mike Monteiro’s Tough Love Letter To Designers

With Mike Monteiro’s new book for clients just released, let’s look back at its companion book for designers, Design Is A Job, a manifesto for designers taking a stand as well as responsibility. The author I have to admit Mr. Monteiro has become a bit of a personal hero to me. He’s like the George… Read more

The Value and Limitations of Customer-Initiated Feedback

Blink once evaluated an in-flight email application for a client. It had already been in use as a beta and the client was aware of a few wrinkles in the UI. So it came as a shock when not a single participant in the study could figure out how to open an email in the… Read more

Best Practices for Writing on the Web

Update: The author would like to acknowledge that while he claims to know a lot about how to format content for readability, this article itself is pretty poorly formatted. The irony is not lost on him. Stay tuned as we try and wrangle WordPress into shape 😉 Great websites guide users to content with elegance and… Read more