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Ankitha Bharadwaj User Researcher

I work in user research at Blink UX. I am a doer and a trier, and I spend my free time thinking about how we know what we know is, in fact, the truth.


Adventures in Note-Taking: Part 1, Setting Up for Success

In this series of blog posts we share our tips and tricks for how to best accomplish note-taking while moderating research sessions. Part one will focus on which method of note-taking is right for different research methods. Read more

A UX Journey Through Airline Apps

We walk you through the stages of booking a flight on seven major airline apps and point out how the user experience sizes up against each other. Read more

Top 6 UX Trends for 2017

With 2016 coming to a close, we at Blink find ourselves wondering what 2017 holds in store. Here are six UX trends to watch as the next year unfolds. AR & VR are here 2016 bore witness to one of the most puzzling, exciting, annoying, and sometimes lethal game –Pokemon Go. The use of augmented… Read more

Meet Ankitha: here she is standing on a beach facing the ocean.

Blinker Profiles: Meet Ankitha Bharadwaj

Blinkers are an interesting and dynamic group of people. Each Blinker is carefully selected to join the team because we understand how he or she will positively contribute to our culture and work. And while we do post Blinker Bios on our website, we thought we’d go a little further and profile our Blinkers on… Read more

Getting Started with Apple Music, Pt. 2

In my last post, I talked about my motivations for looking into Apple Music, and my plan to suss out the positives and the negatives. I discovered some red flags that Apple may wish to address. Let’s dive into the details. Findings I spoke with six active digital music listeners about how they typically consume… Read more

Getting Started with Apple Music

It’s highly probable that I’m part of the last generation that remembers walking into a music store and purchasing a physical thing that plays music. Whether that’s vinyl, cassette tapes, or CDs, these tangible relationships we had with music are quickly fading away. With the days of mix tapes, burning CDs, and Napster long behind… Read more

5 Tips & Tricks To Make Your Indian Research Project Go Smoothly

Recently I had the opportunity to do something really exciting: I traveled to Hyderabad, India for a project. Blink partnered with Kern, a UX firm based in Hyderabad, for a research project. Working with them I learned first hand what it means to do UX research in India. On the surface it might look like… Read more

The Glass Cage book

Humans and The Risks of Automation

A few nights ago, I found myself at an Irish pub with some good friends. Over drinks the conversation started veering from the usual “So, what are your plans for the weekend?” to “How can we design systems to use the sophistication of human thinking and decision making, AND the complex computation power of machines to… Read more

The UX of Stitch Fix: A Perfect Fit

Have you heard of Stitch Fix? It’s a personal shopping service for women that has been gaining popularity lately. It seems simple enough: you answer a few questions, and voila! In a few days, you get a box at your doorstop filled with hand-chosen items specifically for you. This is meant for the lady who… Read more