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Blinkers are an interesting and dynamic group of people. Each Blinker is carefully selected to join the team because we understand how he or she will positively contribute to our culture and work. And while we do post Blinker Bios on our website, we thought we’d go a little further and profile our Blinkers on… Read more

This year we are excited to share our three interesting and unique submissions for SXSW 2017. SXSW PanelPicker is now open and you can vote for as many submissions as you would like. You can find more details about the PanelPicker process here. Alexa, Cortana, Siri & Viv: getting the UX right by: Siri Mehus, Ph.D., Principal… Read more

[This is the second part of a two-part post covering Pokémon GO. Part one can be read here.] The concept of augmented reality (AR) has been buzzing around for a while. However, there had yet to be a tangible, real world application of AR for the masses until recently. Enter Pokémon GO. The game has rapidly… Read more

As you surely have heard by now, the smartphone-using world has been taken over by a certain addictive game based on a certain popular Nintendo franchise. Fellow Blinker Darshana and I are no exceptions. We chatted about our mutual love of Pokémon GO over lunch one day and discovered a very curious difference between us.… Read more

Earlier this year Blink was selected to be a featured company in the MetLife small business benefits commercial called “Anything But Small.” “We feel truly honored to be represented on national TV by such a well-respected company like MetLife,” said Blink CEO, Karen Clark Cole. “It was such a fun experience having the film crew… Read more