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What if I told you that there are people who are able to feel a sensation without any sort of tactile input? Specifically, there are people who feel tingles by just watching videos or hearing sounds. In fact, there is a whole community dedicated to this phenomenon, which is known as Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response… Read more

Alan Baumgarten speaking at Convey UX. For anyone who regularly designs enterprise software (raising my hand here), you have likely been asked to move a dated, difficult-to-use interface to a modern user experience. Below we have Exhibit A – rather extreme – but nevertheless an example of the type of interface that is still in… Read more

The retail environment is evolving rapidly. Increasingly, retail stores are leveraging smartphone apps and other digital technology to enhance in-store experiences and to nudge users towards buying products. While this space is challenging to design for, research methods based on observation and analysis of human behavior can help any product team better understand their opportunities.… Read more

Blinkers are an interesting and dynamic group of people. Each Blinker is carefully selected to join the team because we understand how he or she will positively contribute to our culture and work. And while we do post Blinker Bios on our website, we thought we’d go a little further and profile our Blinkers on… Read more

Last October I volunteered part of my day to the 2015 Bike/Pedestrian Count as a part of the Washington State Bicycle and Pedestrian Documentation Project. Blink encourages us to spend at least one day a year volunteering around the city. I chose to spend my time counting cyclists and pedestrians for two main reasons. First,… Read more

Six of Blink UX’s nine partners celebrate being listed in Forbes Magazine February 2nd, 2016 issue. From left to right: Heidi Adkisson, Tom Satwicz, Randy Lieber, Karen Clark Cole, John Dirks, and Geoff Harrison. Being named on Forbes Magazine’s Best Small Companies in America list is truly amazing. It’s a great honor for Blink UX… Read more