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At Blink UX we perform qualitative research to inform the design of digital products. Focus groups are a familiar form of qualitative consumer research. But while the focus group has a place in our research methods toolkit, we rarely pull it out. Why is that? There are two main ways in which focus groups differ… Read more

In The Client Debrief, Part 1 we talked about the purpose and value of having a client debrief after all research sessions were completed, but prior to delivering the final report/recommendations. Now that the benefits have been covered, let’s talk about the nuts and bolts of running an effective research debrief meeting with your clients.… Read more

It was a Tuesday at 11:00 am and we just got off a kickoff call with a new client. We stared at each other and knew what had to happen: I needed to be on a plane the next day to cross the country to conduct customer interviews on Thursday. This recent scenario happened when… Read more

One of the important aspects of customer research is talking about the observations with clients afterwards—what worked well, what didn’t, as well as “ah-ha” moments that generate lively discussions and ultimately innovation. Ideally these discussions should happen throughout the research project. However, it’s helpful to set aside some time to talk about the themes that… Read more