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Communication: It’s how we talk to each other. How we talk to clients. It can be nebulous and squishy, yet it’s important and impactful. Communication is directly related to the quality of the projects we deliver, how well we meet our clients’ needs, and the satisfaction we have with our work. It informs the culture… Read more

This week, I achieved a personal goal of mine, which was to speak at SXSW Interactive 2015. What an honor! I’ve been a fan of the conference since it started with music in the late 80s and it’s still one of the only conferences that lets its participants vote on who will be speaking. Coincidentally, I have a client… Read more

UX and operations cannot succeed without each other. The right operation gives rise to great UX, yet a great UX is necessary to build a business operation that is profitable, sustainable, and growing. In the past week two events have made this ever so apparent for me: Peach delivery moved its drop-off point for our Seattle… Read more

The person hovered over OmniFocus at the start of each day? Yes, that would be me. Rewind 20 years and there I am again, but this time lugging about a three-ring Franklin Planner. Suffice it to say that planning and I go WAY back. But beyond daily planning, I’ve been working recently to optimize my… Read more

In an effort to do my part and help increase the world’s number of well-designed presentations, I’m starting a series called “Design Tips For Non-Designers.” These tips aren’t intended to make designers out of non-designers. They are simply to help folks who don’t have design training become better at visual communications. This is for all… Read more