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It’s my goal to build a company that people love. Employees love working for us and clients love working with us. It all boils down to building relationships — myself building meaningful relationships with each employee, and everyone in our company building those same kinds of relationships with each other and our clients. I want… Read more

If you spend enough time around Blink you’re bound to hear the acronym HCDE. That’s Human Centered Design and Engineering to the uninitiated but most folks in the UX world, especially in Seattle, will have heard of this program at the University of Washington. Being a recent transplant to Seattle (and in turn, Blink) I… Read more

A friend told me he usually goes into work late because he’s busy playing Legos with his son instead of racing out the door to work. I thought to myself, “I bet he’s a great employee and gets a lot done.” When you’re down on the ground playing Legos with your kids, not worrying about… Read more

It sounded absurd to me, but apparently no one at Blink had any idea what gets him or her fired. “Oh dear,” I thought. “That’s a problem.” I am proud of being open, honest, and transparent, but getting fired is not something I generally talk about. Until now. Now I actually enjoy the conversation because… Read more

Part 1: Logistics We user researchers often find ourselves in unusual places doing unusual things: in homes watching strangers set up media equipment, in passenger seats noting how drivers use in-car technology, in manufacturing settings observing CAD/CAM fabrication, in hospitals interviewing medical staff, just to name a few. The common thread is that we are… Read more

In the projects we work on here at Blink, our clients have specific actions that they would like their users to take on their website or app. For example, one goal might be for a user to download software from a website, while another might be to complete a registration form. In talking to research… Read more

Having started my tech career in the cellular industry back in the era of brick phones, I’ve had a particular interest in the evolution of mobile devices. And I remember when the first Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) hit the market the burning question was whether PDAs should be stand-alone devices or subsumed into cell phones.… Read more

It could be designing human-machine interfaces for automobiles. Or possibly crafting wearables for GenZ consumers. You might need to work with very small software user interfaces. Or face down the challenges associated with physical interactions on the appliances of the future. All of that is going to be wrapped around an understanding of empathy, creativity,… Read more

It always sounds like a good idea when you agree to speak at an event three or four months in advance. “Sure! No problem,” I said when Amy Dickson from Blink marketing asked if she could submit me. A couple months go by and I think, “Man I should really start thinking about my talk.”… Read more