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A few nights ago, I found myself at an Irish pub with some good friends. Over drinks the conversation started veering from the usual “So, what are your plans for the weekend?” to “How can we design systems to use the sophistication of human thinking and decision making, AND the complex computation power of machines to… Read more

As a Millennial I am constantly being defined by others. Many opinions exist about our generation. A recent NPR campaign asked Millennials to define themselves using single words — words like adventurer, optimist, eco-conscious, and activist were among the most popular ways we describe ourselves. These really resonate with me, and I can say without… Read more

With Mike Monteiro’s new book for clients just released, let’s look back at its companion book for designers, Design Is A Job, a manifesto for designers taking a stand as well as responsibility. The author I have to admit Mr. Monteiro has become a bit of a personal hero to me. He’s like the George… Read more

Last night I had the good fortune to accompany my colleague Lauren to the Puget Sound Business Journal’s “100 Fastest-Growing Private Companies in Washington” awards gala. You see, Blink UX was once again honored as an award recipient. To make the list, companies must have recorded revenue of at least $500,000 in 2011 and demonstrated… Read more

A friend of mine recently called me up and asked if she should go to ConveyUX. She’s a Project Manager, but she does just enough user experience (UX) work to be dangerous. She feels she should hone her UX sword rather than chopping with it like a machete. I thought about it for a few… Read more

A few of us here at Blink are big fans of Car2Go, the point-to-point carsharing service that operates the iconic blue and white SmartCars in several cities worldwide, including here in Seattle (you can typically find three or four outside our office on any given morning). I have found Car2Go to be useful for a… Read more

At Blink we create experience maps as an instrument to articulate user engagement with a product. Experience maps are a visual representation of the users’ journey over time, and they provide a handy communication tool for teams to inform product direction. The benefit is that it tells a visual story in one-page that can be… Read more

A diary study is a well-known, established methodology that has research participants making regular notations about specific topics over a period of time. It’s a great way for participants to record their unsolicited thoughts, to gather feedback over time, and to provide a foundation for future or follow-up research work with specific participants. In the… Read more