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If you’ve ever been to a major sporting event you’ve seen a “fan cam” video segment on the big screen. Last weekend I went to the University of Washington football game and saw all kinds of people featured on the fan cam just as I usually do – the little kids who feel famous, the… Read more

This past weekend I participated in my fourth Startup Weekend. For those who don’t know, Startup Weekends are 54-hour events that bring together business people, engineers, and designers who have never met each other before to create a startup with a minimum viable product. My team and I designed a platform that provides personalized makeup… Read more

Backstory Routers are critical for all of us to gain access to the Internet. And let’s face it, we love the Internet. So why do we tolerate such awful UX for something so critical? A few years ago, I stumbled across something that gave me hope on Kickstarter: Someone was trying to confront this problem… Read more

PAX is one of the most exhilarating things I do each year. PAX lasts only four days, but the thrill permeates throughout the whole year. For those who don’t cosplay, the excitement begins with the attempt to purchase tickets. (For those who DO cosplay, the excitement begins months or years in advance as they choose… Read more

If you want to design the best experience for your users, you need to know their stories. Here at Blink we recently wrapped up a project that demonstrated how the “qualitative story” of user research and the “quantitative story” of SEO and analytics can be paired to produce powerful insights that provide the evidence you… Read more

When you sign a new client and the company is called Cultural Care, you expect it is going to be a nice client to work with. Culture and Care are two words usually associated with good things. So when we began working with the Boston-based company earlier this year it was such a great reward… Read more

As soon as I was let through the doors into the PAX Prime expo hall, I headed straight for the Oculus Rift booth. I had tried virtual reality before, but not for more than ten years, and I couldn’t wait to see whether the experience lived up to the hype. I managed to make it… Read more

In preparation for our third-annual conference, you are invited to submit a proposal to make a presentation. If you have attended the ConveyUX conference before, this is your opportunity to move to the front of the room. If you are new to ConveyUX, you’ll find an exciting atmosphere. Presenting a session at the conference provides… Read more

Countless personal health and wellness applications have been developed over the past few years, and more spring up all the time. The ubiquity of devices, health-focused apps, social networks, and other digital tools all enable users to set new goals and regularly collect and track their own personal data toward achieving them. When coupled with… Read more