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When creative minds get together, good ideas turn great. This creative thinking combined with the science of user research is what we call Evidence-driven Design℠ at Blink. It is the core for how we deliver excellence to our clients every day. So how do we get together and collaborate on ideas when a project is… Read more

It’s nearly Labor Day, a long weekend that, along with Memorial Day, bookends the summer months here in the Pacific Northwest. And while some of you readers will head out to the mountains for a last minute camping trip, or over to Seattle Center to catch some live music and comedy at Bumbershoot, we are… Read more

Our work at Blink UX takes us all over the globe—from Boston to Brazil. Just recently Blinker PM Brigitt was on assignment in Oahu. Here’s her story. Aloha! A week before one of my studies was due to kickoff, I received notice that I was going to be able to join my co-worker in Hawaii.… Read more

Clients regularly ask me “Do users scroll?” A recent inquiry reminded me that it’s been a few years since my last post about scrolling and I thought I’d write an update based on some recent studies at Blink. First off, all that I once wrote still stands: users scroll much more than originally thought and… Read more