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We are often asked by potential clients if we “do Agile.” Being part of an outside firm, fitting into a client’s agile process can be a curious and interesting challenge given the variety of ways we see agile methodologies applied. We sometimes feel that clients want “Agile” because it’s new and modern. While many larger… Read more

At their core, wireframes are an efficient, iterative communication tool. As designers, we use wireframes to work through problems and ultimately, communicate our solutions to project stakeholders and engineering teams. We want to create wireframes at the lowest level of fidelity that successfully communicate our ideas quickly, and without adding additional layers of complexity. Wireframes can… Read more

As a user researcher here at Blink UX, I’ve spent some time assessing and testing websites for the game industry. Game websites have a variety of audiences with unique goals, but the most notable ones are these: Support the brand or brands of the games and their manufacturers or creators. Attract new users to games… Read more

We take pride in helping our clients design and build exceptional user experiences. So it comes as no surprise that we would want to do the same thing with our usability labs – ensure the user experience for our clients is seamless, innovative, and effective by keeping “technology” out of their way. Early on, most… Read more

Thursday, April 3rd,  5-8pm Join us in the Seattle Waterfront area for two lively presentations and an artist’s reception. The theme of the evening is Made in Seattle. Three speakers from successful start-up companies that were born and raised in Seattle, tell us how they achieved amazing success and what the future looks like. Bring all… Read more