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Blink has worked with a variety of healthcare providers over the last several years to understand the users of their websites. The results of this work have been research-based recommendations and design solutions that address many common challenges. Today, we are publishing a whitepaper that summarizes the challenges providers face online, and how a research-based… Read more

A list of usability findings can be difficult to parse: they are long, highlight negative aspects of your design, and no matter how diligently your team works, they never seem to disappear completely. Despite these facts, there is hope. A multilevel strategically organized list can turn a dour take on your design into a tool… Read more

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you did a usability test of fruit? We did. Blink Interactive created this fun look at something near and dear to our hearts – usability testing. We hope you enjoy it! Read more

Siri turns one today. To mark the occasion, we are releasing our research findings from a longitudinal study of iPhone 4s purchasers. This whitepaper, written by Blink’s own Nika Smith Auld, examines user perceptions and usage over the first 30 days of use. You can read the guest post on GeekWire summarizing our findings here:… Read more

Blink has just launched The Metro Style Design Guide website explaining the principles of Microsoft Metro design that drives the user experience on Windows Phone, the upcoming Windows 8 and Xbox.  The site includes a case study of how we helped Rhapsody conceptualize a Windows 8 app for their service. Blink is a Windows 8… Read more

2012 Summer Speaker Series & Gallery Opening Thursday, June 28 4-8pm Agenda 4:00-5:00pm: Gallery Opening & Artist Reception 5:00 – 7:30pm: UX Talks Speaker Series: Six 20 minute presentations on UX topics RSVP Now Artist Reception: 4:00 – 5:00pm Galen Davison, Victoria, B.C. Canada Working with plaster, zinc, copper, wood, ceramics and artist grade paint,… Read more

In the past two years, Blink has conducted field research in over 500 homes in the U.S and internationally.  While participants in these studies are often recruited through professional market research agencies with which they have a pre-existing trust relationship, we still find that many people feel nervous about letting researchers into their homes.  In-home… Read more

In the list below, we’ve shared the articles Blink designers and researchers are reading this week.  Enjoy! A few thoughts on transforming the memory of an experience by reconsidering when and how financial transactions occur   A reminder about the importance of user studies   The impact of content strategy on responsive design   How… Read more

This week at Blink we have been reading and discussing… The value of crafting positive error messages. A rather provocative take on how graphic design sullies the web. A PDF slide show delineating and breaking down common myths of mobile user experience. Recommended reading: Developing User Assistance for Mobile Apps by Joe Welinske The story… Read more

It Matters to Me Wednesday, March 7th,  5-7pm Join us in the Seattle Waterfront area for artist presentations and a gallery opening. The show, It Matters to Me is by the Advanced Black & White Photography Elective students from the Seattle based Youth in Focus program. The show is based on the theme of this… Read more

2011 brought a number of changes for the Blink user research team. Not only did we bring on some great new talent, but we also moved into a gorgeous custom-designed space overlooking Puget Sound with fully updated usability labs and client meeting rooms. It has been a pleasure for all of us to settle into… Read more

Here are some of the things we are reading in the office this week… Clay Christensen’s Milkshake Marketing has a useful take on understanding what your product is “hired” to do. More on jobs-to-be-done from The Critical Path. Recommended reading: Thinking, Fast and Slow by noted behavioral economist Daniel Kahneman. The Solve for X site… Read more