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Open House, Spring Speaker Series & Gallery Opening Join us in the Seattle Waterfront area for a tour of Blink’s new office space with panoramic views of Puget Sound. Blink will be hosting two lively presentations and an artist’s reception for our new art gallery, Blink Space. Appetizers, Beer & Wine will be served. Agenda… Read more

In 2009, Blink founders Kelly Franznick and Karen Clark Cole decided it was time to grow the company. “After being in business for almost 10 years we were ready to tap into our full potential. Within a year we outgrew our space and had people sitting two at a desk. We needed a new office… Read more

An ongoing debate regarding online scrolling behavior has continued for over a decade.  Do users scroll? How far do users scroll? What types of content should go above the fold? Where is the fold? The answers vary. Users’ scrolling behavior has changed; meaning the best solution for displaying lengthy content has changed. Research shows that… Read more

When Blink conducts usability evaluations, we seek to do more than simply identify the pain points of a web site or application. Our goal is to uncover users’ honest impressions and the impact of these impressions on the overall user experience. Recently I have tested several web sites that were functionally usable (often with a… Read more

Blink once evaluated an in-flight email application for a client. It had already been in use as a beta and the client was aware of a few wrinkles in the UI. So it came as a shock when not a single participant in the study could figure out how to open an email in the… Read more