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  • Welcome Tectonic

    For Immediate Release: Blink Acquires Seattle Experience Design Studio Tectonic

    Seattle, WA (January 15, 2018) – Blink, a user experience research and design company specializing in digital products, continues its expansion with the purchase of a well-known Seattle design company, Tectonic. Blink has a 17-year history of partnering with clients, such as Amazon, Apple, NASA, Nike, Microsoft, Moen, and Starbucks, to help them innovate, reimagine,…

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  • Blink Open House Party – Feb. 7, 2018

    Please join us for our fabulous Open House Party to celebrate Blink’s new 30,000 square foot waterfront space. We will be giving tours of our research labs, including a studio apartment and Holodeck. We’ll have guest talks from our CEO, two Seattle design leaders, Bill Flora and Scott Berkun, and the featured artist from our…

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  • Blink Signs On To 100% Talent To Help Close The Gender Wage Gap

    Blink is proud to announce that we have signed on to 100% Talent, an employer-led gender equity initiative launched by the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce and Women’s Funding Alliance. As a signatory of the 100% Talent initiative, Blink joins the Seattle Metro Chamber and Women’s Funding Alliance in taking a proactive approach to addressing…

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  • For Immediate Release: Blink Expands With A New Office In San Diego

    Seattle, WA and San Diego, CA (October, 2017) – Blink, a user experience research and design firm specializing in digital products and services, continues their expansion into California with a new office in San Diego, CA. Blink has a 17-year-history of partnering with clients such as Amazon, Apple, NASA, Nike, Microsoft, Moen and Starbucks to…

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  • Blink hosts BlinkThink: VR, Chatbots, and the UX of Emerging Tech on Thursday, March 30

    Join us at Blink UX on Thursday, March 30 in the Seattle Waterfront area for BlinkThink. There will be two interesting presentations and an artist’s reception, along with the opportunity to demo the HoloLens by Microsoft. We’ll feature the innovative art of Margaret Leonard and presentations from Blink co-founder and CXO, Kelly Franznick and John…

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  • For Immediate Release: Blink signs 10 year lease for 27,000 square feet to take over entire 6th floor of Waterfront Building

    Blink signed a ten year lease on February 15 to take over the entire 6th floor of the Waterfront Building, located on Western Avenue near the Bainbridge Ferry terminal.

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